About Mitch


From the neighborhood.

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Mitch Caldwell is running to represent Council District 3 on the Anaheim City Council because he believes in the power of our community to come together, solve problems, and make life better for everyone.

Mitch grew up in Anaheim and has lived in the city for 56 years. As a young roofer and father working to support his family, Mitch bought a house in Council District 3 and quickly became involved in an effort to save the Central City neighborhoods from a City Hall scheme to demolish whole tracts of housing to make room for high-rise commercial and office buildings. Organizing his neighbors to save their homes and protect housing accessibility, Mitch founded the Anaheim Neighborhood Association with a group of passionate neighbors. Together, they stopped the developer power grab and created a new norm for neighborhood engagement in Anaheim.

Since then, he’s gone on to serve as Chair of the Anaheim Planning Commission, where he fought for a fair, inclusive city planning policy and to give residents from every community a voice when it came to their neighborhoods. Mitch also served on Anaheim’s City Charter Review Committee, which examined how our city could govern itself more equitably and efficiently, and ultimately recommended the by-district election systems that have guaranteed District 3 a voice on the City Council. In addition, he was a founding board member of the Anaheim Historic Preservation Foundation and served on the Anaheim Historic Preservation Committee. Caldwell also chaired the Central City and Citron Neighborhood Councils.

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Starting in the business as a teenager, Mitch has supported his family by working in the roofing industry. Beginning as a new union roofer, he now helps run one of California's largest and most successful roofing contracting firms. He and his wife, Sherry, live on Broadway and West with their dog, Aggie, and enjoy frequent visits from their children and grandchildren.


Council District 3

Council District 3 is the very heart of of the City of Anaheim, hosting Downtown Anaheim, the Anaheim Colony Historic District, and vibrant neighborhoods.