Elected Officials

Lou Correa, U.S. Representative, 46th District
Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative (ret.)
Tom Daly, California State Assembly Member, 69th District
Kris Murray, Anaheim City Council Member, At-Large
Lucille Kring, Anaheim City Council Member, District 4
D.R. Heywood, Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee



Community leaders

Lew Aguilar
Gail Anderson
Eric Anderson
Paul Anderson
Fernando Carlos
Jim Collison
Brad Daniels
Cathy Dutton
Laura Hosseini
Dane Johnson
Mary Kraemer
Vince Kraemer
Michelle Lieberman
Kristi Maya
Chris Maya

Elsa McCafferty
Greg McCafferty
Natalie Meeks
Jonathan Mabe
Michelle Mora
Greg Nagel
Bill O'Connell
Keith Olesen
Judy Olesen
Jessica Parris
Meghan Shigo
Tim Shigo
Bill Taormina
Dinah Torgerson
Maria Ureno
Angel Ureno

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